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What I do outside of work...

Everyone loves a great story.

The morning coffee is accompanied by your phone, laptop, and probably you television bombarding you for attention. Then the radio in the car will not let you think straight. Getting a webpage open without being bombarded with ads is a rarity. Let's face it, we can not catch our breathe these days without someone selling you something.

And I am the guy helping you sell your product. Instead of using the tactics people are being trained to ignore, I work with you to find stories people gravitate to. When people are engaged with their passion and you have something that excites them or intrigues them, your message is recieved with enthusiasm.

That is what I do for my clients.

I learned this lesson not from my marketing text books, but coaching young boys and girls playing hockey. When I was the coach fussing about the drills I wanted to do, the kids would follow me because they had to, not because they wanted to. But when I started focusing on the things the kids were excited about, and then built drills based on this, the magic happened. Victorys, championships, and accolades followed. I would love to say it was because I was the best technical coach. But it wasn't. Instead I found a way to let the passions of the players lead the way, and then they bought into the lessons I wanted to get across.

This is what I can do for you and your clients. Give me a call at 678-614-8614 and we can talk about what gets your clients engaged and excited.